Paul Harris Fellows
Paul Harris Fellows

The Paul Harris Fellowship Award is one of the highest honors Rotary can bestow upon a person. The award is given to Rotarians and community professionals in recognition of thier outstanding contributions, exemplifying the Rotary ideal of Service above Self.

Bonnie Anderson  -  Howard Anderson  -  Ginny Bode  -  Raymon Bonner 

Charlie Boon  -  Carl Bruner - James Cahill  -  Neta Cahill

Jack Deierlein  -  
Ed Dey  -  Jacob Dey  -  Paula Dey

Dick Duffy  -  Rachelle Eason  -  Les Faber  -  Pat Grenfell  -  Mark Hagen

Jack Hamming  -  Roy Hari  -  Clarence Holden  -  Aileen Johnson  -  Don Johnson

Mark Johnson  -  Kristen Keltz  -  Jerry Kenaston  -  Joan Martin  -  Brad Methner

Armin Mohr  -  Della Newman  -  Art Palmer  -  Pedro Perez  -  Ron Tait

Charlie Urbick  -  Patricia Urbick  -  Kenneth Wagner

Jim Vander Mey  -  James Youngsman