Mount Vernon Rotary Club Completes a 5-Year Commitment of $100,000 to Skagit YMCA
Goals are good. Very Good. When our club made the commitment to help fund the local YMCA in 2016, it was a stretch. We had not made a commitment of that size in more than ten years. Our 2016 Auction had been successful, but the commitment to the YMCA meant we had to be all in on our auctions for the coming years. We originally committed $50,000, but 2016 Club President Dave Courtney thought we could do better and brought it back to the club to reconsider.
After a thorough discussion at the club level, the board revised their commitment to $100,000 because the new future Skagit YMCA would offer so many things our club supports including after school programs and health and wellness programs. With the wind in our sails so to speak, the auctions of 20217, 2018, and 2019 made it possible to keep our commitment and finish our pledge in December of 2020. 
Thank you to every donor and volunteer who contributed to MV Rotary auctions over the past 5 years who helped make this pledge a reality. 
If you'd like to learn more about how you can help the Skagit YMCA during the 'Great Pause'... please see their website at or email